I'm not sure if writing this tour diary is a good idea or a bad idea. We've been back from the road a couple days now and I realize that I likely have the worst memory of everyone in the band. That and there is the fact that I'm barely literate. As well, we are also one of the most boring bands to ever hit the highway. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy the odd drink now and then but if you are looking for true tales of debauchery a la Ozzy Osbourne getting so high he snorts a line of ants and ends up peeing in on the floor of a Hotel lobby, well friend you best read elsewhere.

As well, this was our first real string of shows with our new drummer Mike Rifkin. Mike is a really quiet guy and still a bit of mystery to us. We wanted to see if an extended period of time together and maybe some booze would get him to open a bit. I counted the amount of words Mike spoke on the tour to see if there was any increase.


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