Tonight's Rock Show has been brought to you by American Apparel.

We leave in the middle of the afternoon in our rented mini van (see, I told ya we aren't very rock and roll) and use it as a bit if a dress rehearsal for how comfortable we will be for the following week. The best news I received in the weeks before the tour was that to ensure the cheap rate we were to receive on our rental, our boy Steve would have to drive the entire tour. The result of which meant I had to double my planned alcohol spending. God bless Steve Luscher and God bless rock and roll.

We roll into town around 5:00ish and head over to a Vietnamese place for dinner. After dinner we walk around the beautiful but inmate laden scenery that is downtown Kingston.

We head over to the local American Apparel store and Kate and Dave decide to buy out the place. The staff seem genuinely thrilled to have a rock band shopping in their store and begin offering up huge discounts with buy one shirt get two v-necks shirts free type deals. Dave and Kate model out fits for roughly 30 mins. Finally we head to the club.

The Scherzo is a cool club with a bum deal. It is just off the main strip and in a shitty part of the city. It's one of those rooms that most would describe as having “character”. We load in and skip sound check, a turn of events we will have to get used to. We get a little bummed when we find out we are going on last. Normally what happens in this scenario is that after the two local support acts finish, 75 percent of the crowd who were all there friends bail out before we even play our first song. We end up playing to next to no one and sell zero merch while the bar owner yells at us cause all his drinking customers are walking out the door. Add to the fact that it is a long weekend and everyone is out of town, well you get the picture. That being said, our show went off reasonably well and we had a good time. We sold one CD, which didn't bode well for the rest of the tour. The support bands are good, but not overly friendly and their sets are not really remarkable.

We all split up for the night and I get caught up with my old friend Sheri getting up to speed on the people who used to run in our old crew. I hook up with the band in the morning at a greasy spoon for breakfast and then it's back to Ottawa to get Mike home in time for work.

Words spoken by Mike Rifkin on tour at this point: 7


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