There's One on Every Tour

I'm not gonna write much about Peterborough as it was a true stinker. The only one on the tour however but still a massive flop.

We were kind of looking forward to the show as Dave went to university there and our friends Elvyn were also performing with us that night. But we noticed right away something was up when there were no posters around town for the show. We show up at the venue and start to load in. The staff shoot us some weird looks but don't say anything. The stage is so small the five of us won't fit on it and there are no monitors. There is confusion with the Elvyn camp as to who was to bring what gear for this show and we find our selves without a drum kit and no bass amp. Bands scramble to find gear.

I talk to the bar staff and find out that the guy who booked the show had been fired a month earlier and hadn't told anyone about this show. Hence the lack of posters. They had no idea we were even playing until we drove up to the club. But they were cool enough to let us play anyway. We make the best of it and get drunk with Elvyn, who play an amazing show even under the circumstances. We play a five song set to six people who do the twist the whole time. All while Elvyn heckle us from the side of the “stage”.

We make zero on the door but sell a couple CD's and decide to drive through the night back to Ottawa. I force everyone to stay awake in the van calling anyone who even thinks about falling asleep a tour pussy. We learn about the finer things in life by listening to R Kelly and Andre 3000. Gimme some of that Beep! Beep!

Words spoken by Mike Rifkin on tour at this point: 47 (He was pissed at me and actually took a few words back from the day before)

SO! That was the tour. Damn. Not very rock and roll but we had a friggin awesome time doin it.


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