*hugs* everybody! <3 I M k8 ;o)

I <3 shopping, pink!, my BB kitty Penny, shoes, and knee socks. *tee hee* My favourite part about being in a band is the pretty buttons! and the pretty songs. Dave plays them for me on his acoustic guitar and I sing along! When they get loud I don't like them as much, but my keyboard parts are pretty, so I just listen to them *lol* ;-)

I met Dave and Steve at Sugar Mountain! :op They were looking for S and P shaped candies, and I was with my best gals Shirley, Brenda, and Donna (BFF!). Shirley said she liked the skinny one best, but Brenda had her eye on Dave. He had a pink egg shaker in his hand, and I just ran up to him and said, "OMG! Is that a PINK shaker! I <3 pink!". Brenda giggled and thought I was flirting with the boy that she liked first, but that skank (BFF!) just doesn't understand that I LOVE PINK. I'd never let any boi get between me and my sisters (BFF! [<3 U GUYS!]), but I guess Dave liked me better than that cheap slut 'cause he gave ME the shaker! The rest is history!!! d:~)

Those back-stabbing hos are so jealous that I get to play in a band with 4 QTs (i like Jeff best, but don't tell his girlfriend *lol*). I can't w8 2 C everyone at the show! I <3 all you guys *hugs*

And if you want to hear the band slow it down a bit and sing those pretty songs the way they were meant to be played, hollah at yo gurl!

<3 k8.

– by Dave